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After the events of her youth, Elizabeth spent much of her life with her Aunt and Uncle John (Doctor Watson) on the farm trying to forget the horrible Christmas Eve that changed everything. Her life takes a turn when she marries Lawerence and the evils from her past catch up with her and her family. Can great-great-grandfather Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson save her again or is this truly the end of the Camelot Knight’s bloodlines? And, what is Lawerence’s connection to King Arthur’s most trusted knight, Lancelot?

As a special gift, we’re including the prequel story titled CAMELOT FOREVER SNOWFLAKE with this release.

Elizabeth had no idea how her young life would be changed the morning of that fateful Christmas Eve. Nor could she dream she would meet her great-great-grandfather Sherlock Holmes or guess how it all tied into the history of the fabled legend of Camelot.
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by Chris Dreier & Giuseppe D’Elia

Ensnared by the Dark Tunnel on a seemingly endless journey through space and time.

Steve-Steph, Atum and Barghest’s adventure continues in Issue 8 at SKYCRAFT.

by Bill Nichols & Robin Ator

Dexter has a unique view of the world that allows him to see through the mask that people hide behind. What does the future hold for him and the people he cares about?

Ateest Collection coming soon from SKYCRAFT.

created by Robert W. Hickey

Paradox Wars: Infinite Hell continues the story that began in chapter one “Shattered Time” as Chris and Tam try to return to Infinity Station but who is waiting for them?
Pick up the first issue that begin the battle between good and evil over who controls time.



Chronicles of the Imaginarium the Video Game is currently in development from SkyStorm Games based on the webcomic created by Robert W. Hickey.

Kid Space Skull must confront his greatest enemies and defend the Imaginarium to find his fellow adventurers.

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